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What is Abaqus

From Wikipedia:

Abaqus FEA (formerly ABAQUS) is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering, originally released in 1978. The Abaqus product suite consists of five core software products:

  1. Abaqus/CAE, an application used for both the modeling and analysis of mechanical components and assemblies (pre-processing) and visualizing the finite element analysis result.
  2. Abaqus/Standard, a general-purpose Finite-Element analyzer that employs implicit integration scheme (traditional).
  3. Abaqus/Explicit, a special-purpose Finite-Element analyzer that employs explicit integration scheme to solve highly nonlinear systems with many complex contacts under transient loads.
  4. Abaqus/CFD, a Computational Fluid Dynamics software application which provides advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities with extensive support for preprocessing and postprocessing provided in Abaqus/CAE.
  5. Abaqus/Electromagnetic, a Computational electromagnetics software application which solves advanced computational electromagnetic problems.

Supported Operating Systems

Win10-logo.pngLinux-logo.png Available for Windows and Linux. Mac users will need to install Windows first.

VPN requirement

Vpn-depends.png Connection to campus VPN is not required to license student version but is required for lab computers and research version.

How to get Abaqus - personal computers

The Abaqus Student Edition is available for free to students, faculty, and staff. Download and install instructions are available on the Abaqus Student Edition webpage: https://academy.3ds.com/en/software/abaqus-student-edition

How to get Abaqus - lab computers and research

Abaqus for Linux, Mac, and Windows downloadeded via this link: https://alabama.box.com/s/pgs9f64qoiq8cftod92cfzjrwpl6sl75

Get license server information via this link: https://alabama.box.com/s/5qr7wr6kyeid9d6o8362igwsbxlmftal