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Tech Services contact info:

Classroom Software


Computer Access

  • Grad students requesting local admin rights to office or lab PCs - must come from faculty or staff
  • Grad students requesting remote access to office or lab PCs - must come from faculty or staff

Building and/or Room access

  • To request access to any COE area, fill out the COE Access Request Form.
  • All requests must come from COE faculty or staff

Research Data

  • All research data must be backed up to cloud storage (Box or OneDrive or a campus file server)
  • RAID drives or external drives is not enough
  • This includes data generated by grad students

Purchasing Computer Hardware or Software

  • Hardware includes servers, desktop, and laptop PCs - not other instrumentation
  • 3 year warranties are required
  • If software requires a license server, there is an additional cost
  • Purchase requests must be reviewed by Tech Services - email requests to support
  • Tech Services will review or get quotes - but not purchase
  • Your department handles all purchasing