Common Software Issues

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Program will not uninstall

Uninstall McAfee Livesafe It is a terrible free/paid antivirus and will cause more issues than it fixes.

If you cannot get a program to uninstall from Add/Remove Program on Windows then you can try using the following programs to uninstall them

1. Revo Uninstaller

2. Windows Troubleshooter


  • Revit fails to install

Uninstall the Revit 20XX via Revo Uninstaller

After uninstalling, try installing via below steps-

1. Clean temporary files,

2. Turn Off User Account Control Settings

3. Disable Anti Virus software, Firewall & Windows defender

4. Download the software from the link, once downloaded extract the files and run setup as administrator (right click, run as Administrator)

5.) If Install still fails, go to Registry Editor > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > Installer > Rename Products folder to Products.old

6.) Reboot and run Setup.exe/setup (the one labeled as an application)

7.) If Installation still fails, check to see if AutoCad or any other AutoDesk software is installed and repeat the steps above


  • Blank installer

After unzipping the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager files you downloaded from you may need to unblock HTML files:

1.Browse to the downloaded installation file location <downloads>\sldim\lang\english\HTML

2.Right-click on frameset.html and select properties from the shortcut menu

3.If there is an ‘Unblock’ checkbox, select this checkbox and click Apply

4.Repeat this process for all HTML files in the folder if they are blocked (framesetstartup.html, header.html, navpanestartup.html)

5.Re-launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager process

  • The download folder you selected, or its parent, contains files from a different version of SOLIDWORKS () than you are installing (SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP03)

This occurs in Parallels when the downloaded folder is saved on the Mac OS

1. Close the Solidworks installer

2. On Windows navigate to your extracted Solidworks Folder

3. Cut and paste the folder to the Windows Desktop (You may need to navigate to C:\Users\%username%\Desktop and paste it there)

4. Restart the Solidworks installation from the folder that you just pasted


  • Broken Pipe Error

This occurs when you have not given permissions to VMware fusion on your Mac. Open system preferences on your mac, then click security and privacy. On the general tab, in the bottom half, you should see something similar to “System software from vendor “VMware, Inc.” was blocked from loading.” with option to click on “Allow”. You may need to click the lock at the bottom of the page to make changes. Once you click allow relaunch VMware fusion.

  • Not enough memory

If you get this error when trying to resume windows then you will need to go to the "Virtual Machine" tab in the menu bar and click shut down. Once your virtual windows is shut down click on "Settings..." under "Virtual Machine." This will bring up a window with system settings for the virtual machine, click on "Processors and Memory." Next, move the slider, or type in 8192. You will need to have at least 16 GB of RAM in order for your Mac to function properly.

  • Not enough hard drive space

If you didn't give your VM enough drive space and need to take more from your Mac side and move it to the windows side then first click the "Virtual Machine tab" and select shut down to close the windows VM. Next click the "Window" tab and select "Virtual Machine Library." Next, right click the VM that you want to give more drive space and click "settings..." Next select "Hard Disk" under removable devices and then move the slider or type in the amount of drive space that you would like to have.

Note: The number you enter will be the total drive space that you have in windows not how much you are adding