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Faculty/staff Computers

Dell is the UA-approved vendor for Windows or Linux desktops and laptops. Departments can order from Dell via BuyBama. Macs can be bought through Tide Tech at the Supe Store.

Minimum specs include

  • i5 CPU (i7 recommended)
  • 256gb SSD (512gb SSD recommended)
  • 8gb RAM (16gb RAM recommended)
  • MS Windows (cheapest version)
  • 3 year warranty is required for all computer purchases

Student Laptop Requirement

Effective Fall 2020, all students in the College of Engineering are required to have a laptop. This does not affect currently enrolled students who started prior to and during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Student Laptop Recommended Specs

The information provided below should be sufficient to purchase a laptop. If the laptop meets or exceeds the specifications below, there should be no issues. Please note the recommendation against using Macs for engineering work, excluding computer science. Many programs required for Engineering classes only run on Windows. Mac users will be required to install Windows on their Macs if they need to run these programs.
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