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Faculty/staff Computers

Dell is the UA-approved vendor for Windows or Linux desktops and laptops. Departments can order from Dell via BuyBama. Macs can be bought through Tide Tech at the Supe Store.

Minimum specs include

  • i5 CPU (i7 recommended)
  • 256gb SSD (512gb SSD recommended)
  • 8gb RAM (16gb RAM recommended)
  • MS Windows (cheapest version)
  • 3 year warranty is required for all computer purchases

Student Laptop Requirement

Effective Fall 2020, all students in the College of Engineering are required to have a laptop. This does not affect currently enrolled students who started prior to and during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Student Laptop Recommended Specs

The information provided below should be sufficient to purchase a laptop. If the laptop meets or exceeds the specifications below, there should be no issues.

Please note:
  • Students enrolled in Engineering majors (excluding Computer Science and Cyber Security) are strongly discouraged from using Macs since many programs required for engineering classes only run on Windows.
  • Mac users will be required to install Windows on their Macs if they need to run a Windows program for a class.
  • The College of Engineering cannot provide technical support for installing or troubleshooting Windows on a Mac.

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