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About Freeflyer

From FreeFlyer is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software application for space mission design, analysis, and operations. FreeFlyer stands out as the most powerful tool of its kind by providing users with a robust scripting language for solving all types of astrodynamics problems. FreeFlyer has been independently verified and validated for flight-tested, proven accuracy, and is used for spacecraft analysis and operations by NASA, NOAA, USAF, NRO, and commercial satellite providers.

FreeFlyer offers flexible deployment options including customizable user interfaces, cross-platform support for Windows and Linux systems, and a dedicated API for integrating custom applications. Additionally, FreeFlyer-based ground systems can integrate with any 3rd party TT&C programs and external tools. It is scalable to accommodate growing and evolving mission requirements and provides an open framework to easily adapt for the automation of mission-unique functions.

Downloading and Installing Freeflyer

You can download Freeflyer via these links:

Licensing Freeflyer