How to Install Windows on a Mac

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WARNING for Apple M1 users


As of January, 2021, there is not a way to run Windows on an Apple M1 Macbook at this time.

Apple discontinued Bootcamp and neither Parallels nor VMware have released an update that supports the new M1 chip.

Mac memory and drive space requirements

The College of Engineering requires the following minimum specifications for Macs:

  • You need 16 GB of RAM (memory). A Windows VM needs 8 GB and your Mac will need another 8 GB in addition.
  • You need at least 250 GB of storage with at least 75 GB of free drive space (more may be needed depending on the number and size of Windows applications).

Note: Windows will not run on a flash/USB drive. If you don't have enough free drive space, you will need to either free up space or find a different computer.

Video: How to check your Mac's memory and storage

Where to get the software

Video: How to download and Install VMware Fusion

Video: How to install Windows with Bootcamp