How to Request Building or Room Access

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About Building or Room Access

Building exterior doors, common use rooms such as copy/mail rooms, and labs and rooms with multiple occupants such as office suites and grad student offices are equipped with ACT card readers for access. Single occupant offices and other rooms require a key for access.

ACT Card Access

To request ACT card access to any COE area, fill out the COE Access Request Form. This will generate an email to the department head responsible for the area to be accessed. If he or she approves, a work order will be generated with COE Technical Services and someone will contact you to assist you.

Key Access

For BOM2, BOM4, BOM5, Hardaway, HM Comer, NERC, and SERC Buildings

For keys to COE buildings, fill out the same COE Access Request Form.

Shelby Hall or SEC

Shelby Hall and SEC are both managed by the College of Arts & Sciences. To request keys to labs or offices in either building, please email and be sure to include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your supervisor's name and email address
  • Your department chair's name and email address
  • Building name and room numbers