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UA is migrating everyone to Office 365.

Faculty and staff can get Office 365 via the Microsoft Office Portal: by logging in with userid and using their myBama password.

Students can get download instructions and answers to frequent questions on the OIT MS Office 365 webpage:


What is Office ProPlus ?

That's the latest version of Office 365 (O365).

How do I know what version of Office I have ?

To see which version of Office you have, do this in Outlook:
Windows - Click File, then Office Account (or Help if you don’t see Office Account). Under Product Information, you will see the version.
Mac - Click Outlook, About Outlook.

Will my email be accessible if I don't upgrade to Office 365 ?

You can always use the webmail site to access your email even if you don’t have Office at all. You can access your email using Office 2016 but you will be missing several new features, the biggest one being integration with MS Teams. That is Microsoft’s new collaboration software that I expect we will use a lot. Office 2013 or older will not work.,

Is there a limit to the Office 365 installs ?

Each user can install Office 365 on up to 5 machines. If you have a lab with a lot of shared-usage computers, please email and we will handle the installation on those machines.