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What is Thermo-Calc

From Thermo-Calc

Thermo-Calc is a powerful software package used to perform thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations for multi-component systems of practical importance. Calculations are based on thermodynamic databases produced by expert evaluation of experimental data using the CALPHAD method. Databases are available for Steels, Ti-, Al-, Mg-, Ni-alloys, multi-component oxides and many other materials.

The Diffusion module (DICTRA) is a unique software tool used for detailed simulations of diffusion controlled phase transformations for multi-component alloys. Example applications include heat treatment, microsegregation during solidification, growth and dissolution of precipitates, coarsening and more.

The Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) is a computational tool for simulating multi-particle precipitation kinetics of diffusion-controlled processes in multicomponent and multi-phase alloy systems.

Supported Operating Systems

Win10-logo.pngMacos-logo.pngLinux-logo.png Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

VPN requirement

Vpn-depends.png Free student version does not require VPN connection but the research version requires VPN connection and is limited by IP address to Engineering areas of campus.

How to get student version of Thermo-Calc

The free student version can be downloaded from No licensing is required.

How to get research version Thermo-Calc

Thermo-Calc for Windows 10 can be downloaded via this link:
Thermo-Calc for Linux can be downloaded via this link:

How to license research version ofThermo-Calc

Thermo-Calc licenses can only be accessed from the Engineering area of campus. It is limited to buildings with Engineering vlans.

License server information can be found here: