Phishing & Scams

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About Phishing

From UA OIT: Phishing is a form of social engineering that uses email or websites to pose as a trustworthy organization in order to access your data. Most commonly we see phishing attacks in email. Scammers or hackers will pose as an organization you trust in order to trick you into giving them sensitive data like a username, password, social security number or credit card information.

Tips to identify Phishing

When you get an email that just doesn’t feel right, follow the tips below to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing attack.

  • Check the email address. If it is supposed to be from UA then it will end in
  • Hover over (don't click) any links in the email to see where they are actually going
  • Watch for poor spelling and grammar
  • Beware of urgent, coercive, or threatening language

What to do if you suspect phishing

If you receive an email that you suspect is a phishing attempt, forward it to We will contact you and let you know what to do.

Phishing / Scam Examples